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If you have decided to take a kitten

If you have decided to get a kitten of Sacred Birma, you should solve for yourselves - for what purpose you get an animal. Whether there will be a kid simply domestic favorite and to live, as a usual domestic cat or you want to be engaged in cultivation of this remarkable breed, or to participate in exhibitions with the pupil.

You should know that the kittens share on classes: pet, breed, show. From quality of a kitten (how many he corresponds to the standard of breed) (instead of his price depends on the purpose of purchase).

  • a Pet-class are domestic favorites. These animals cannot take part in cultivation.
  • Breeding - animals who are used in cultivation.
  • Show are the best representatives of breed.

    the pet can be an animal of any class. You solve it of what quality of a kitten you want to see at home and how much you are ready to pay for him.

    Animals of a Pet-class are taken in family only as the domestic favorite and they live as usual as domestic cats. They have no right to participate in cultivation because of incomplete conformity to the standard of breed. So-called rejection. If you are not the expert in this area, some defects to you will be difficult for noticing. For example: ears, color, the form or length of a nose, white marks on paws. And seen defects: form of a tail, a squint, etc. The animal can participate in exhibitions, but only for eunuchs. If you have decided to take an animal, as domestic favorite or Pet-class it is better to choose a cat as cats(boys) are usually more tender, than cats(girls). As the animal will not participate in cultivation it is better to relieve him from not the necessary problems connected to duplication. The cat (boy) is easier for performing surgical operation and to castrate. As a rule, in 1-2 days the cat (boy) overlooks, what was with him. At a cat (girl) such operation will be more difficult, and it will be done on bodies of a belly cavity. After operation special care and attention is necessary for a cat. After the operation your animal will be quieter and tender.

    For cultivation are used Breed and a Show-class. The most expensive will be a kitten of a Show-class as it is the best representatives of breed. To these animals made the highest demands. They participate in cultivation and exhibition shows.

    So, that happy moment which you waited so much came and the long-awaited kid plays at your home. Love him, care about him and he will answer with kindness and love. Good luck!

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