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О питомнике

The Legend

This breed has an ancient and extremely beautiful legend.
Very long time ago in Birma high in the mountains in one temple there lived the Buddhist monks worshipping the goddess. Tsun-Kuankse with dark blue, as if sapphires, eyes. This goddess promoted resettlement of souls of died monks in other essences, and these souls revived and came back in a temple in an image of white cats with golden eyes. Monks looked after them with tenderness, esteemed and protected them. In a temple there was a gold statue of the goddess to which monks worshipped.

Once the temple was attacked by robbers who wanted to steal a statue of the goddess, but monks locked in a temple. The oldest and wise monk Moon - Hа has died because of all these at the bottom of a statue. The scared monks wanted to surrender, but they have suddenly heard Sinks shout, a favorite cat of died priest. He jumped on a breast of died old man, turned to a statue of the goddess and suddenly his wool was painted in golden color, and eyes became as dark blue, as the goddess has got. And only the paws concerning a body of priest have remained snow-white as a token of cleanliness, sanctity and innocence of soul of the monk.

Monks have understood that the soul of a wise man has moved in Sinh and calls everybody to protect the goddess. They have quickly pushed aside the robbers and they have rescued a temple from ruin.

On the seventh day Sinh has died and has uplifted the soul of the owner in paradise.

To select the successor of the main monk, cats have gathered from all the monastery, They had got golden colored wool with dark blue eyes and white paws. The souls of died monks embodied in cats have determined the successor.

From that time if the cat in monastery Lao-Tsun dies, it means that the soul of the monk released forever and has found the place in heavens. But it will be sorrow to the one who will kill such a cat, it torture while the soul embodied in a cat, will calm down and will forgive him.

Here is such a charming legend about an origin of a Sacred Birma cat.

The History

The first pair of Birma cats has been presented to the English major in 1898г. As a token of gratitude for rescue of temple LAO-TSUN during military civil strife. But unfortunately animals could not transfer a long way and were lost. Later the known rich man, millionaire Vanderbilt, has bought a pair of the stolen cats from a Birma monastery and has presented them in 1910 to madam Trad-Haddish who has brought these animals to France. A cat (girl) was called the Sieve, and a cat (boy) was called Madapur. The cat (boy) has soon died, but the charming kitty the Doll de Madapur was born, which subsequently took attention to it on spent exhibitions. Subsequently this cat has crossed, presumably, to a bicolor long-haired cat. So began the development of breed- sacred Burma. In 1925 the French association of cat’s amateurs has developed the standard of breed, thus having recognized it.

Sacred Birma became very popular in France, but after the Second World War breed appeared on the verge of disappearance. It was necessary to revive it anew. The cats collected in the different European countries, and due to efforts of the factory owners who have been in love with these cats, breed sacred Birma has been restored and again began to win hearts of people. Officially international standard of breed has been accepted in 1967.

Standard WCF


Medium-sized, a strong constitution with well advanced muscles. Slightly

stretched, moderately heavy; on low finiteness with wide round

paws. A tail is of average length, the elegant form, downed as a plume.



Forms a blunt triangle with rounded contours. Cheekbones are put highly

and approximated, a forehead is slightly convex. A structure with easy transition, the Roman

 nose of the average length, well expressed chin.



Average size, the height is approximately equal to width of an ear at the basis, with slightly

rounded ends. They are put widely.



Dark blue, big, but not round, and more likely oval. They are widely placed.



From average length up to a long, silky structure, with a small amount of an under

fur. On an obverse part of a head the wool short, becomes longer on cheeks

 and passes in a plentiful collar. On a back and sides very long.



Burma concerns to color points and is recognized in all colors of this group, except

for colors a tsinnamon - point and a faun - point. The features of Burma are white gloves and spurs. White marks on all four paws refer to as "Gloves". Существенна

 Uniformity and symmetry of gloves, whether it is between forepaws is essential first of all, on the one

 hand, and hinder legs, on the other hand, or - that

is preferable - symmetry of marks on all four paws. White color should be

 be completely pure (clean); the mark can come to an end at the basis of fingers or

 at a carpal joint, but cannot be distributed to a leg (foot). Hardly longer

gloves on hinder legs are allowable. "Spurs" pointed white

marks on soles of hinder legs refer to.

They should be uniform on both paws.





The lacks leading to disqualification: white stains in any other place, except for

gloves and spurs, partial pigmentation nosa, and also any tendency to


Серьезными недостатками являются: удлиненные перчатки, укороченные перчатки,

цветные пятна на животе, отсутствия острия в шпорах. 

Insignificant color a stain and figure on sides are allowable.

The general (common) shape should remind neither Persian, nor Siamese breed.



A rating scale



A body:




A head and eyes:




Gloves on forepaws:




Gloves on hinder legs:












A tail:








Colors of cases and points:








«When I am asked advice what kind of kitten to choose a, I advise to choose the Birma, it is defined not only beauty, but also its exclusive features. It becomes attached to the owner very much, loves children, becomes a member of the family, and participates in a life of family. On character, probably, it is an ideal of a cat in the family..."
Madeline Kasteran

Sacred Birma. It is impossible to imagine more mysterious, bewitching name. In consciousness the image of something light, clean and fine, is born. As though God has taken under the protection of these cats and has given them any especial gift, something unique them inherent only - Sacred Birma.

So what they are, Sacred Birma? These are the gentlest essences allocated, in my opinion, the best qualities of cats. They are very clever. It is possible to teach them to carry out simple commands. They like to carry the toys in the teeth as the dogs. Cats of this breed are not exacting and not noisy. They are mobile and playful, but in a measure. They feel a condition and mood of the person very well. Having read in one of magazines, which playing these cats do not let out their claws, I have found it simply the advertising of this breed. It is unbelievable, that the kitten keen on game does not let out claws. But it is the truth.

The Birma play, take you with the paws, but do not let out claws. They precisely distinguish where a toy is, and where a hand is. Customs of these most gentle creations soft, quiet. They do not begin to bother, if you are borrowed, but hardly you are released, they will notice it at once and then will keep you the company. All is interesting to Birma. They should be in the center of all your business. They are very elegant cats, bewitching the beauty and grace. They are very gentle, kind and tender. The Birma do not afraid water at all. They like to play with water, drink from the crane. Cats of this breed are remarkable hunters. And they will willingly show you their abilities. Birma easily gets on with other animals. They are benevolent and friendly. They are the ideal cats for the family where children grow.

Care for wool

Sacred Birma differs from other breeds of cats magnificent silky wool. Gentle, easy, silky forming "trousers" on back legs and a smart volumetric collar on a neck, especially well expressed at cats (boys).

It is easy to look after wool of Burmese’s. It never dumps. The cat always looks accurate, as if it has just brushed. It is enough to comb this animal once a week. During a molt it is desirable to do it more often. It is necessary to wash cats in the process of their pollution or before preparation for an exhibition using shampoos for cats, trying not to let water into their ears, nose and eyes. It is desirable to use the conditioner that the wool looked naturally after shampoo. After washing it is necessary to dry up accurately the wool with a hair drier, and then to comb it.


Sacred Birma are not choosy in meal if only have not been spoilt since the childhood. There is an opinion, that all cats siamese color (color point) are not recommended to give buckwheat, a liver and vitamins with sea seaweed as these products promote blackout of color of animals. The diet for cats should be balanced. It is not necessary to forget, that a cat is a predator. It is desirable that daily in a diet there was a meat low-fat beef, mutton or boiled meat of the hen and turkey. The fish should not be given frequently. Especially to cats (boys). Feeding by a crude fish it is necessary to take into account, that there can be worms in it. Therefore the fish should be looked through or cooked well. Eggs allow cats only boiled and not frequently. It is desirable to give natural cottage cheese and porridges. Each cat, as well as at the person, has preferences in meal and they should be taken into account. The food from the table does not approach cats; if you want that your pet will be healthy and cheerful. Clean fresh water should be always in a bowl.

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