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ќ питомнике

We have got 3 kittens - 1 girl and 2 males.

Dad - Milamos Hanson
seal tabbi point

Mam - Shelli Elegant
seal point

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If you have decided to take a kitten

From the first birthday our kittens are surrounded with love and care. It is not indifferent to us in what house our kittens are given. I guarantee to the new owners of our kids the consultation on any arisen question.

They are sold inoculated from virus diseases and processed from different insects. They have the veterinary passport with marks about vaccination according to the age, a pedigree . The kittens are accustomed to independent meal, the adaptation to grind the claws and to a tray.

Phone: +7 (916) 458-69-26
or e-mail me: yacenko_lena@mail.ru
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